Back from our Texas Adventures! Part Two...At the Show

 We finally arrived around 10pm at our hotel in Canton. I have to say I was glad we had reserved a room! It was entirely filled upl. The room was spacious and clean. We unloaded and crashed for the night, with an early show time looming on the horizon.
The next morning after a short drive, we arrived at the show grounds, a gorgeous venue for the time of year. Of course I was very happy to see Giselle, as she had been gone for about 2 weeks. I took her for a short jog after unloading.
Giselle, my 11 month old standard poodle - here, we are about to go for a short jog to let off some excitement before ring time!

While Giselle and I exercised, Armani and Bentley stayed behind to take in the sights and scents of the show scene. They behaved well for a quick trim and got acquainted with the assistants and other poodles.

Donnchada Sweet Ride

Giselle and I got back. I got busy brushing my boy out while one of Betty's assistants sprayed her up. Here Giselle gets the finishing touches of her polished look
Saturday, Armani won his class in 6-9 puppy dogs and Giselle took Reserve Winner's. On Sunday, Giselle managed to win the open bitch class and took Winner's and Best Opposite Sex for her 1st 2 points towards her AKC championship! I was so happy to see her win. I cheered from ringside when the judge, Ms Beverly Capstick, pointed to my girl. After Giselle came out of the ring with Betty, she jumped on me in excitement, feeling my own excitement and wagging her tail furiously. I'm not sure if she knew what was happening, but she knew I was happy and proud of her, and that made her happy and proud. It was very exciting. 

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