Back in the Swing of Handling Class for Margot & Puppies Spend Some Time Outdoors Today

Fall in New Orleans can be fairly mild. I believe the high today was 80. haha... I let the puppies hang out outside for a few hours while I did some grooming. It's beneficial to let them hear things like blow dryers and clippers. It won't be long now before they'r ready for their first clippering.
Since the weather was so lovely, the Deep South Tuesday night training classes were in full effect. Having been on the road for a month and shown a handful of times, Margot was much more prepared for the classes. That's not to say she didn't have any fun - quite the contrary - but she knew what to do and how to do it. I was impressed by how much she had learned while out on the road. After handling classes, I decided to let Margot experience a little "Uptown" scenery and took her to the Rue de la Course Coffee Shop on Carrollton Ave. in New Orleans. We sat outside, visiting with friends and passersby. She was very well-behaved and also got to experience the common traffic of people of all shapes, sizes, ages, bikers, and streetcars rumbling down the Avenue. Margot took it all in stride, giving kisses to all who dared ask. She was especially fond of the children and had a great time.

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