Busy Busy!!

 Wow - I have been so busy with all of these poodles! It has been raining. We've been working on our property out in "the country" and trying to make it a little more show poodle- friendly. There is a chance we will be moving the pack and Cadeau about 70 miles N of New Orleans, where we have some more room  (7 acres)to roam. This move is several months away at least, though. My daughter surveying the property in Husser, LA. Yep- lots to do here but it has promise!

I have been doing a lot of grooming on the poodles since it's been raining so much. I will post some fun pics soon as we are headed out for some socialization this afternoon around town and at Petco. Thats one thing about puppies - you have to expose them to so much stuff to begin the desensitization process, but it continues throughout adulthood. Giselle and Armani are the poodles of choice to accompany us this evening. Comet is my daily errand buddy. Yesterday we took Queen Lily along. She is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff that has brought a lot of spunk into our poodle pack. She will be a junior conformation dog for my daughter, but I have a strong suspicion there will be agility in her future! She came to us from Jewel's Chinese Cresteds in Connecticut. Julie Wells and her husband Jon do a very nice job with this breed and they have lots of little BOYs right now. Ha! Queen Lily is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff from Jewel's Chinese Cresteds in Connecticut

Our FABULOUS collars from http://www.poodleit.com made by Olga Esman (check her out on Facebook and poodleit as well) have arrived from Canada and they are just even more beautiful than they were on the website!! I am so impressed with her craftsmanship.  I have started to talk to Olga about offering some great products on my website. I ordered a beautiful martingale for Comet and neck protectors for Margot, Giselle, and Armani. I've been having my eye on some beaded show leads and bracelet protectors as well, but I am trying to be good. Giselle and Comet are modeling their collars on the photos page.
These are hand-made protective collars (and one martingale) from http://www.poodleit.com. They are even more beautiful in person and made with love by Olga Esman.

AND... since I have been making such wonderful friends in Canada, the idea is nagging at me to send Giselle there briefly to finish her Canadian championship. I am told she should finish easily and then she will have Champion title in 2 countries once she earns her title in the US. This is a great time to send her as she is not in her continental trim yet and has a lot of hair. I am both excited and nervous about the prospect, so we will see if I actually go through with it. I have made some wonderful poodle friends in Canada and feel she will be in good hands so far away from home.

One other website you can check out is a friend of my family and fellow poodle enthusiast, Judith White http://www.thepoochconnection.com. She has a full service grooming salon in Denham Springs, LA and will also have standard poodle puppies available soon sired by her male, "LoverBoy." Loverboy can be seen briefly on our Cadeau facebook page under videos. He is the dog Giselle was trying to place with in Biloxi, MS, but he was just too cool for her. Loverboy is almost finished his US championship.

That's all for now! Here is Armani getting ready to hit the town! This is his Clint Eastwood look.
Armani is a white standard poodle puppy about 5 months old. He is out of Ch. Donnchada Sweet Dreams (

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