Cali is a Winner in Oklahoma!

 Yay!! Our sweet little Cali finally earned her first AKC win and points in Oklahoma in November. We are so proud of her. Tabatha took her up to show and came home with the coveted purple ribbon. Cali is at an awkward age for a standard. All poodles are shown in puppy trim until they are one year old. On the day of their 1 year birthday, they must be shown in either the HCC (short continental), the continental, or the English saddle. It takes some time to grow hair in the areas you've been cutting for a year, so most poodles sit out of the ring for a few mos and let their hair catch up. Since Cali lives with me, her co owner Tabatha and I opted not to let her sit out for 2 reasons: 1) she has mega coat and it grows like wildfire, so no problem there, and 2) Tabatha's relationship with Cali is strengthened when she gets to show her and take her out of town. Cali does very well at transitioning between my home and her other home at NOLA standards. She is a pampered princess, so it really works out well for her. Hopefully since she got her first real win under her collar, the rest will come smoothly!
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