"Clover" at PCA 2015 - Photos by Lucy Chan

Cadeau Luck of the Draw, aka "Clover,"my keeper puppy from Jacki & Armani's 2014 litter, was shown at PCA 2015 with handler Michele Polito.

For those unfamiliar with the yearly pilgrimage of Poodle lovers worldwide, "PCA" is the abbreviation for the Poodle Club of America, the parent club of our beloved poodle breed. They are the group who set the breed standard that AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes for the purebred poodle.
PCA is also how the parent club national specialty show is referred to, as in "Are you showing at PCA this year?"

PCA is the best of the best. Breeders, handlers, and groomers, and exhibitors of all disciplines poodle come from the corners of the Earth to showcase their creme de la creme. Since I began showing, I dreamed of showcasing my own poodles at PCA one day. It is a BIG deal.
It attracts the best of the best in field work, agility, obedience, conformation, junior showmanship, and more!

It is quite a trip from New Orleans, LA to Salisbury, MD - the home of the greatest poodle show on Earth for the past many years. I am not usually able to attend and leave my dogs and children at home for 10-plus day excursion. It is quite a journey for humans and dogs. Thankfully, I have some awfully great friends in the poodle world who helped my little Clover not only get to PCA but to shine once there.
I want to give a great big thanks to friend and co-breeder Tabatha Waters of NOLA for packing Clover in & taking such stress-free care of her. It's a big ordeal and important to keep the stress levels low for the travelers who are away from their owners. Also Michele Polito, who handled and groomed my girl to perfection.
I was really proud to Clover's tail up in these photos. She is confident girl, but many a dog are spooked by the sights, sounds & people of PCA. I got her back in one piece, happy, and richer for the experience. <3

Lucy Chan, friend and poodle aficionado, captured these gorgeous shots of my precious "clovah baby." I am happy to have her home, cut into adult pattern and playing her favorite games of chase and fetch. She lights up my home.

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