Gearing up for the Next Show

 Well, it's the time of year when things get really busy! I've been working hard both inside and out of the home. We have a show next week, although I must say the dogs started to sniffle and sneeze after the Kenner show :( 
If they're still at it, I may not take them. Dog shows are so much fun, but the health and well-being of the dogs always comes first!

Queen Lily is entered in the 4-6 mos class for the next 2 shows and Giselle is being shown as well. Giselle has a lot of hair, which always helps!   Giselle and I (and probably Armani for socialization) are planning a trip up to my buddy Melissa Whitmore's place in West Monroe, LA. We'll get to visit our wonderful Margot who was placed earlier this year (see her page under "My Pack" for more details on that bittersweet arrangement). 
Melissa is expecting a litter of miniature poodles which I am crossing my fingers I will be there to help her whelp! How exciting! I really miss having puppies, and I'll be glad to get my fix. She has some really cute miniatures, and I think one or two might even still be available!

Below is Margot's Winner's picture from her final show in Longview, TX. Isn't she just adorable?? I hope to have a photo of myself and Giselle winning Best Puppy in New Orleans! Stay tuned!
Margot and Betty winning in Longview, only days before Margot's diagnosis of Addison's disease. I will always be in debt to Betty's wisdom and poodle experience. She knew what to do and did not hesitate, which almost certainly saved Margot's life.

Margot has been pulled from the show ring and our breeding program. She has never been and never will be bred. She is a beautiful girl and one of the most loving animals you will ever meet. We will always adore her  and remember the joy she brought us.  I can't wait to visit her and I'm lucky she has done so well in spite of her illness.
Sometimes life just bites you in the butt like that. 

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