Giselle in Her New Home Today

 A wise poodle breeder once told me to 'bend over backwards" to make a great home work. I took her advice and met Giselle's new owner 8 hours away from home this morning. The ride wasn't bad and as usual, Giselle was a perfect traveler. I did a little snuffling when we packed up but made up my mind to be strong and not let her know I was upset. Poodles are so very sensitive. She had fun exploring rest areas and checking out the sights.

My heart did a little leap when I saw her new mom waiting. She had a bed, toys, and treats ready. I watched with pride as Giselle executed a perfect "sit" for a treat, then looked again expectantly. I saw the love and devotion and bond starting right then between the two of them. I gave Giselle a quick kiss, her new mom a hug, and stepped aside. I felt like I was sending one of my kids off to college, or walking them down the aisle. I know that sounds corny, but it's how I felt. 

Oddly, I was not hysterically crying on the way home. I felt relief and peace. I had been corresponding with this lady for weeks and once I interviewed her, I felt it would be a great match. There was some hesitation due to the distance between us, but I told her if she wanted to give Giselle a chance then I would do everything I could do to get her there.

I received 2 emails do far updating her progress. The last one brought a little tear of pride to my eye. Here is an excerpt:

"I have to thank you for all the emails you sent telling me how well Giselle would fit into my home. You were absolutely right, she's a doll. You did a wonderful job with Giselle. She is so well-behaved and so well-socialized. I know the credit goes to you and I promise I won't waste your hard work."

Giselle lives with several rescue Japanese chins, a couple of cats, and a scared foster who found some sanctuary by cuddling up to her. Really, that is all I have ever wanted for her. Once she settles in, she will begin working towards her Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC).

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