Giselle & Margot

 Well, as usual, the days bring both the expected and unexpected. I have been busy with changes here! Over the weekend, I received upsetting news that my girl Margot, who was placed almost 8 mos ago, was going to be returned. The family had a new baby and felt they were not giving Margot enough attention. As I hung up the phone with disappointment in my heart and looked to my poodle friends for moral support, I did feel some gratitude that they had called me 1st to take her back. 
The plight of many unwanted standard poodles is a sad one. One only needs to look at to see that.
I contacted some rescue organizations to feel out the demand for a young, Addisonsian standard poodle, reminding myself that I also had Giselle to place. Now I had 2 standard poodles with long term illnesses to find loving homes for. 

I've had a lot of interest in Giselle over the past few weeks but no real living situations that I was dying to place her in. Also, she started looking "funny" to me. Her eyes turned red and droopy and I noticed a green, funky discharge from her nose. So off to the vet, fielding more calls for interested would-be owners. Do they understand what this girl means to me? There is no way anyone could pay me what I have put into her. Between health testing her mother, the breeding, raising the pups, my time, my love, showing Giselle, the heartbreaking vet bill and continuing medication, it is kind of unbelievable even to me that I would just "give" her away. I went through it with Margot, too.  I purchased Margot and paid thousands of dollars to show and raise her, and then I gave her away. You might be scratching your head. 

Here's the thing : As an owner, breeder, and lover of standard poodles, I am compelled to make my dogs happy. Happiness for some poodles is 3 squares a day and a game of fetch. Happiness to others is being in the mix, about the town, visiting the sick, and making folks smile. Giselle and Margot are happy little clowns. They are full of love and affection and have a lot to offer. Yes I will give them to the right home, but I will not give them away to be wasted, sitting in a yard or a crate. They have work to do.

The happy ending is that Margot was immediately re-homed to a wonderful family in Dallas. They are coming for her this weekend and I couldn't be happier with the decision. Giselle is under vet care right now and getting well. He believes she has an upper respiratory infection and she is on medication. I have high hopes for her near future. Someone who wants a therapy dog is showing a lot of interest and I am praying it is a good fit.  I have many calls and emails to return. Please do not be upset if I turn you down. These girls have been through a lot, have worked hard and made me very proud. Their exquisite temperaments are the reason they are so special. They deserve to be treated like happy princesses and until i find that home, I cannot with clear conscience let them go.

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