Giselle's Big Spay Day

 Giselle and I patiently waiting to be called at LSU clinicGi

Giselle and I returned to Louisiana State University's Small Animal Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA today for her spay and preventative gastropexy surgery. I decided to have her spayed prior to placing her in her new home just to be safe. As a preventative for GDV, (torsion of the stomach due to excess gas/bloat) I opted to "have her stomach tacked." This is not foolproof against bloat, but it minimizes the risk and dogs who have to have this exact operation in an emergency situation are less likely to survive the occurrence of bloat.
 I encourage all owners of pet standard poodles to have this operation performed by an experienced veterinarian. Bloat is a horrible way to lose a dog.

All that said , I received a phone call this afternoon that Giselle was out os surgery and doing well. I can expect to have her home tomorrow afternoon. I'm relieved it was without complications. As Giselle's breeder, I feel responsible for giving her the best quality of life that she can possibly have, therefore I have decided to place her in a loving pet home where I know she will thrive and bring joy to her new potential family. 

I do have a couple of serious prospects for her new home, but I am still interviewing at this time. 
Feel free to call or email me if you are interested in giving this angel a loving life. She is truly a sweetheart and a joy to own and live with. She is crate trained, and I highly recommend all standards at this age spend any unsupervised time (and overnight) in a crate. 
Giselle does not suffer from separation anxiety, but as all curious young poodles tend to do, she loves to eat things and takes pleasure in entertaining herself. Our ideas of fun are not always the same!

She has been trained for the AKC conformation rings and minds well, although she does sometimes forget her manners. She is friendly and reliable with my children (young), our other dogs, and the cats. She is a neutral presence and can be trusted not to get into altercations but one should always use caution with multiple animals.
She loves to play and gets along well with others.
She has had some of her health testing done - hips, eyes, and heart check out.
The biggest draw back to owning this wonderful girl is her diagnosis of Addison's disease. It is well controlled currently with an injection every 25 days ($125 at my vet) and a 5mg prednisone pill daily. One of the side effects of the prednisone is increased thirst and urination. While she has the occasional accident if left to roam about during the night, she has never soiled her crate.

She does not fight the pill or the shot and is an agreeable girl in general. She is accustomed to grooming as well.

Anyone interested in learning more can feel free to email or call me. She is 43 lbs of pure love.
Giselle these days

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