Giselle Update

I was greeted by this message the other morning (for those who don't know, Giselle was my first home bred show puppy and the pick of the litter. She was diagnosed with Addison's at 1yr old. I made the difficult decision to place her. Here is a note from her "mom" :
" I have to tell you this - we went for our Thursday morning reading program at the elementary school. It turns out that a child from the districts High School had been killed in a car accident this morning on the way to school. Several of the teachers came out to hug on Giselle as a stress relief and the teacher working with us said it was so good to see her on such a sad morning. But the best part - after one of our reading sessions a little girl ran back into the room and put both arms around Giselle's neck. She whispered in her ear "Sometimes bad things happen - but there are still good dogs." and went back to her classroom. It was one of those "wow" moments for me. Thank you again for Giselle. She is making a difference in so many lives."

Here is a photo of Giselle taken earlier in the year with all of her Thank You cards from the kiddos! 

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