Happy Birthday to Comet x Dino babies 10/30/2011

Last year, I performed one of the most excitings tasks of my adult life - I delivered a litter of standard poodle puppies (with the help of their mother, Comet)! It may not be as thrilling as skydiving or white water rafting, but to me, it was the time!

My little pups turned a year old yesterday. I have been following their progress and seeing them as often as possible. Zeus is living a rather spoiled life about 4 hours from me. His parents update me regularly with video and pics...
Zeus, enjoying the lap of luxury
Daphne and Derbigny share a neighborhood, vet clinic, and play dates on the Mississippi River Levee. They also attend obedience classes at Deep South Obedience Club on Tuesday nights!Daphne and Derbigny are sisters and best friends! They live in Uptown New Orleans, LA (yay! close to me!)
Beau is living far away in Austin, TX with one of my best friends, Cathy. Cathy enjoys a leisurely life (ha!) as a college professor and Beau is best friend to her rescue dog "Django."Beau with his family in Austin, TX

Max is enjoying life with his buddy Vinny from NOLA standards. They live about an hour Northwest of New Orleans in Pontchatoula, LA on lots of acreage with their very loving parents...The New Orleans Black and Gold...Poodles! Max (left, from Cadeau) & Vinny (from NOLA Standards)

And Giselle probably has the toughest life as a showdog, but she is loved and lives indoors, with me, my children, her mom, our kitties, and her best friend Armani. Her time for pamepering will come when she is a finished champion. I just know she will move on to other work in obedience or agility, or even therapy.  For now, she gets groomed and loved every day and told how beautiful she is. I love to see her showing and I plan to show her myself just a tad in the interim of growing into her adult haircut.Cadeau Midnight Rendezvous - AKC pointed from the puppy class - Ms. Giselle

I am so appreciative of the joy that poodles have brought to me. I am also very gratified that the pups I brought into this world are bringing this joy into their owners' homes. It is truly a testament to my goals and desires for the ultimate dog breed.

I sincerely hope that my pups go on to earn their Canine Good Citizen certificates like their mother Comet. I am always being told of the charm they bring in their daily lives and often of their compliments of beauty.

Comet enjoying her retirement. She still loses her mind over a tennis ball.

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