Introducing a New Animal to Your Poodle Pack

 I was born loving animals. What else can I say? My poodle-fancier friends make fun of me for my love of cats sometimes. Many dogs will naturally have a prey drive and territorial instinct to chase invaders out of their yard or house. Some like to "kill"  squeaky toys(as Comet is infamous for). My cat of 10 years passed away last year, leaving us with only Biscuit, my fluffy white rescue cat. Biscuit was born and raised with Labs so he was completely unphased by the dogs. This is a nice trait in a cat. Recently, I decided to get a kitten. Introducing a new animal (dog or cat or other) to your pack can be stressful. I decided to make a little post. Of course, Comet is like a human, so I just told her we had a new kitty and she wasn't allowed to give her a hard time. End of story. Comet shares food, bed, etc with kitty. No problem. Giselle is a 6 month old puppy - different story. She has the sweetest of natures, so I wasn't really worried about her intentionally hurting the kitty, but she's still boisterous and excitable, and boy oh boy kitties are EXCITING! One important thing I did when making the introduction was to put Giselle on her side into a submissive position. If given her way, she would have been on all fours, stalking the new kitty, Fiona. One in submissive position, I just sat down next to her. Fiona had been running around in the house nearly a week now, so she knows how to get away if need be and was very comfortable. I would never have attempted this on day 1. Given the curious nature of cats, she just had to come meet Giselle without the crate as a barrier. Giselle's precious face tells me she is excited to meet Fiona. I talk to her, reminding her with my calm voice not to get too excited. Fiona is ready to slap Giselle, but they decide to shake paws instead. It was pretty cute. See photos below.
Giselle's face says

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