Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich Seminar was a Huge Success for Creole Poodle Club & Rescue

Thanks to Creole Poodle Club Members & Creole Poodle Rescue foster parents for sharing the weekend with us at Fleur de Paws. Our event also attracted local groomers as well as professionals from the Northshore. We had a fabulous time learning about the different poodle trims, working on the rescue dogs (who were all adopted shortly after) & learning fancy pet trims on various breeds. Pina & her enthusiastic assistant, Lulu, were charming, knowledgeable, and patient. Our event was able to raise much needed funds for the Creole Poodle Rescue, who relies entirely on volunteers, fosters, and donations to get their important work done!


'Asian Fusion' on a Maltese.

                                                                                               Pina demonstrates the proper shape of the puppy trim on Cadeau Poodles' 'Clover.'Pina put 'Leo' in a Portie trim because of severe matting on his back end. 'Leo' is a poodle mix rescue.

'Iko' of NOLA Standards models for a spray up.

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