Little Ones are Growing & Margot Shows Next Weekend in Houston

Boy, these puppies are sure growing and cruising around the whelping box. Mama Comet is leaving them a little more often now for some R&R, but she never goes too far away and always has an ear out for them. They wobble around and can find her anywhere in a 4' radius and just scoot until they reach hair and follow their noses to the milk. It's so cute. I cuddle them, kiss them, rub tummies and heads and even pick their tails up. I play with their feet and think they are just about due for a nail trim now. They had tails docked, leaving 2/3 of the tail on to created a balanced look. Also had their dewclaws removed yesterday. It was hard to do that to them, but they are no worse off for it and probably better off without those pesky dew claws which everyone seems to forget to trim and they just oddly hang off the side of a paw, waiting to be snagged,. :( no fun for the dog. I love to watch them play and fuss with each other!

In other news, my little white girl Margot is in TX now and will be shown next weekend in Houston.It will be her firstĀ  "big girl" show and I know she will have a great time out there. She is a happy little funloving girl and she will be with Betty Brown, so I know she will be treated well and encouraged to have fun. It doesn't matter if she doesn't get any points, but I'll stay optimistic. With every point, she comes closer to obtaining her championship, which means she can be cut down to a sporting, lower maintenance trim, and get as dirty as she darn well pleases!

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