Margot is HOME!!!

It's like she never left. Leaving my dog with a handler was a bit of an unfamiliar concept. Sure, it's done all of the time, but *I've* never done it before. I always went along...fortunately I spent several shows with Betty Brown and observed firsthand how her clients' dogs were treated at shows and how they seemed to react to not only herself but her assistants. Since Betty is the one who sold me Margot as well as one of her breeders, I felt fairly certain that Margot would be in good hands.. Once I spent several shows with Betty and her wonderful team, I was absolutely convinced that Margot would not only be safe, but loved and attended to. I got her back last night, picking her up in Hammond, LA from an acquaintance who offered to bring her back from Houston for me. Welcome to the world of showing dogs! She is happy to be home & was well-received by everyone here, including the dogs. We even have a visiting dog for the holiday week. All is well. See her new photo.

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