Margot Receives Rating of "Good" on Her OFA Preliminary Hip X Rays

 One important thing all good breeders must do it screen parents for diseases prior to ever breeding them. This can be pricey and is the reason why many puppy mills and backyard breeders who only breed for money may skip this step. While screening for disease is *not* foolproof, it certainly minimizes the risk of producing offspring who will go on to have health problems. Just about every purebred dog can be prone to certain diseases - some more than others. One disease we have to worry about in large breeds like Standard Poodles is hip dysplasia. Fortunately, dogs can be xrayed by 2 years of age and a reasonable conclusion about the health of their joints can be reached. Much of the rating does depend on the quality of the x rays, so it is important to have an experienced person (veterinarian) perform them. One thing we do on show prospects prior to spending thousands getting them championed is a *preliminary* OFA hip screening.  This gives a general idea about the health of the hips and tells us whether or not any money should be spent showing and breeding this dog. After all, if we want to improve the breed, breeding less than acceptable hips would be a step in the wrong direction.
I am happy and relieved to report that Margot, upon getting her preliminary hip x ray, has received a rating of "Good." This is great news.

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