Perfect Night for Handling Class

 I just love it when the New Orleans heat lets up and the evening is breezy and warm. Tonight I was lucky enough to get both Cali & Armani to handling class. With the help of Cali's co - owner Tabatha Waters of NOLA Standards, we got some kinks worked out. Handling class was fun, relaxed, and information filled. There are not a lot of options locally for learning, so when the opportunity arises, I do try to be there. Cali will be entering the show ring soon. She is a bit small and fiesty but a very flashy and bright girl. She loves to please her handler and is smart enough to only need be shown something one or two times. I really like this girl. 

Since Armani and I went to Shreveport during the PCA hullabaloo, I realized that even though he was a finished champion and knew what to do with his master handler, Betty Brown, how we would perform as our own team was quite a new challenge. There are things I need to learn about stacking and gaiting, if I am to obtain Armani's grand championship as an owner handler (could it be??).

I am excited so I was all too ready to go. Plus, it's always good to get the dogs out and work them. I like to show them off but on the flip side, if they are misbehaving, I want to disappear in the wall! Good thing they usually make me quite proud! I left Jacki at home since I am only one person and she is a breeze to show. Jacki has very good manners stands perfectly still for the judge and is all too eager to please me. Her ring days are also close at hand. She has been adjusting very well to being here and we have enojyed having her. Her sire "Simon" Ch. Aleph American Idol  did incredibly well at PCA this year! I'm suree Betty can't wait to get Jacki in the ring and neither can I. Every day we work towards her physical and mental conditioning. She is such a happy little girl who entertains herself and takes great pleasure in receiving attention.

Raising show dogs is such a privilege and a challenge. I am so happy to be doing this. Working with my dogs is the highlight of many of my days!
Cali - Lakeridge le Cadeau du Muse a NOLA's, freshly banded and posing

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