Puppies 3 Weeks Tomorrow, Margot Showing in Houston Tomorrow, New Pics up in Puppies Page

 Well, tomorrow marks 3 weeks for Comet x Dino puppies. I finally had to revamp the whelping box for them. I decided to make 2/3 their sleeping quarters, all fluffy and cozy, and 1/3 is shredded papers for them to potty on. I was shocked at how instantaneously they started instinctively pottying on the paper side! It was great! Poodles are naturally clean and very quick to catch on. That is a tried and true fact I have learned in my years of knowing and loving them. I was able to get a few more decent pictures of the puppies' beautiful faces today with the help of my wonderful sister. Click on the puppies page to see them! We are just around the corner from weaning! Lovely!
I also got the scoop on Margot today. She is having a great time and life is a party on the road with her. She is a natural little showgirl and even though she is just practicing right now, I was assured that as soon as she settles down a bit, her championship will be in the bag. Such nice words to hear! She is coming home this weekend, though, and I hope to show her myself in Jackson, MS, in December.

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