Puppies Turn 4 Weeks Tomorrow - Freshly shaven faces, feet, & tails

 So, I groomed the little puppies over a span of about 2 days and I have to say they were excellent for it. At the advice of a friend, I let the clippers run near the whelping box several days in advance. Whenever they were eating, I sat with them, clippers on, and let them get accustomed to the sound. No one protested. Their faces are so beautiful and will get even more so I imagine as they grow. Their personalities are really coming out now. I was holding the hot pink female earlier and she started barking at me. I put her down and she immediately peepee'ed on the newspaper. I must say I was impressed. They are very affectionate and alert. I am very proud. I tried to get a few photos of them standing, but that was kind of futile. I'll have to keep working at it. Check out the new pics!

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