Southaven, MS

 Cali's co-owner and I decided to make a "small" trip up to Southaven, MS following the Kenner, LA show. The goal was to try to put a few singles on any of our girls and show her special apricot champion, Lombardi. It was a fun trip. Armani stayed home to keep Comet company. Each of the girls got Reserve (one Sat & one Sun) and Tabatha Waters, (Cali's co - owner, NOLA standards) put some points on her young apricot male and also made it to the Group ring with her special, Lombardi. 

We also got to meet face to face with Becky Godbey of Magic Hour Creations. Becky designs and makes my show leads. She's designed leads for Giselle, Armani, Andre, Bentley Jacki, and Cali.
She is a friend, and it was nice to see her handsome boy Kirk (Magic Hour's Enterprise) in the flesh. Kirk gets a lot of Facebook publicity . He is a good boy and very handsome, recently winning Best in Show and earning his championship at a UKC show. United Kennel Club (UKC) is another registry, like AKC, but a little different. Their shows are set up differently than AKC, and hairspray, dyes, wigs, and all those extras of AKC are strictly forbidden in UKC. Also, you don't need to keep the dog "in hair."  I've never been to one of their shows, but I hear it's more owner-handler friendly, as you are not allowed to use a professional to show your dog. Maybe one day we'll check it out! Also, this is where serious parti-colored poodle fanciers exhibit those interesting-looking poodles who are unwelcomed in the AKC conformation ring. They have recently been accepted into the conformation ring of the Canadian Kennel Club, so who knows?? 

Here, Jacki meets some of Tabatha's crew at NOLA Standards.
As always, she is the life of the party.
Jacki in her soft Poodleit neck protector by Olga, bordered by apricot poodle bookends, Drew Brees the poodle & Lombardi

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