Spring and Summer Shows

 It's been slow-showing since Margot won her major in Houston, but things are about to start picking up. June, July, and August are usually active show months for this area. Since Margot had to get her adult trim, the continental clip, she had to sit out for a spell and grow a little bit of hair. Betty gave the green light to enter her in Biloxi, MS in early June. Giselle will be there, too, in the 6-9 month puppy class. It will be her first show. I'm sure she'll be a nervous little girl, but she always rises to the challenge! In August, we have the New Orleans show in Kenner, LA. This one was a lot of fun last year! Can't wait to get going again. Pics coming soon of Margot's new "do!" If you are starting to get bitten by the show bug, there are some beautiful standards and minis being bred right now! Email for details...for now, I'll just wait for my PCA dvds to arrive!

Pictured below is Comet in a Continental that is growing out. This is a very difficult clip to achieve for a novice groomer (yours truly), so hers is not the fanciest. For more spectacular pictures of great trims, visit poodlevariety.com or click on some of the dogs in Comet's pedigree on her page. This, along with a clip called the English Saddle (even harder), are the only 2 cuts that adult standard poodles can be shown in the AKC conformation ring with, so that's why you see show dogs looking this way. Believe it or not, it originated as a hunting clip to protect major organs and joints of the hunting poodle from the cold water when they retrieved ducks. The coat is designed to be thick and waterproof, so hunters would get rid of unnecessary coat so as not to weigh the dog down. What was left would be covering heart and lungs (jacket), kidneys (rosettes), and joints (bracelets), The pom-pom on the tail was so you didn't lose them in the water! Just a bit of poodle history...
Standard Poodle

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