Tatiana's Ten - 7 girls & 3 boys  

GCH Heart and Soul of a Saint a NOLA's x CH Cadeau Goddess of the Dream de NOLA's

Tatiana whelped her first litter beautifully - 10 gorgeous babies in just under 6 hours! She has been a wonderful dam, reminding me very much of her granddam Ruby, one of the sweetest poodle souls you ever met.

There are a couple of precious little girls from this litter still available on spay agreement as wonderful companion animals. Please contact me for details. These little angels will be ready to go mid June 2017, after their temperament & structural evaluations. For now, they are entertaining me with their antics and sweet puppy breath.

PCA, Tatiana's Ten, & the Mardi Gras Pet Expo 

The Poodle Club of America National Specialty, or PCA, as it's widely known among poodle aficionados, took place at the Purina Farms show site in Missouri this year, a rather dramatic change from the traditional convention center in Salisbury, MD. I am proud to say that I had several Cadeau puppies out there looking beautiful; some even took a ribbon home! 

PCA is the mecca of poodle specialties. Fanciers make plans all year around this event. There are several days devoted to field work, hunt tests, obedience, agility, rally, conformation, parade of champions, classes, dinners, and more. It is a time where breeders and fanciers come together to sleep, live, work, and breathe poodles....Annnd every year, without fail, I am home whelping puppies! Go figure! I would LOVE to attend. I send my dogs and sit by the phone waiting for updates, watching social media for videos and the famous Susan Wilson photos we are blessed with every year!

On a great note, Tatiana whelped a gorgeous, healthy litter of TEN during PCA, but she was resting comfortably at home with me. She came through like the champ that she is, and every baby is now toddling about.

My pups at PCA made me proud with Nathan & Amy (both Jacki pups) taking home class placements and ribbons. Cartier and Misha were a little more naughty (as expected with their young ages) but they still looked lovely, and I was proud to have my name as breeder on their entries. My new owner handlers were able to go and soak up the experience as well, and I am thrilled about all of this. 

Shortly after PCA, the Mardi Gras Pet Expo rolled through the city of Kenner, LA. This was the 2nd year Creole Poodle Rescue was invited to set up a booth for rescue donations, and our best event to date in terms of fund raising for the Rescue! We raised over $600 in 2 days selling T shirts, poodle kisses, cookies, brownies, and other home made gifts made by members of the Creole Poodle Club of New Orleans - all for a great cause! It was also my 2nd year attending. This year I allowed Clover and Camille , my retired show girls, to be used as demo dogs for Andis. We all had a fabulous time with poodle friends!

Stay tuned for fun photos from PCA, the Mardi Gras Pet Expo, & Tatiana's litter :)

Juno News & Tatiana Belly Shots - Two More Weeks to Go! 

Bad news first: Juno's breeding was unsuccessful :( We are ultra bummed, but will try again when she comes back in season later this Fall. We are also planning to breed Camille (Ch Olympia la Dame aux Camelias) for her 2nd litter.

But on a more positive note, here are some belly shots of Tatiana aka "Tater," formally known as CH Goddess of the Dream de NOLA's. Tater was bred to "Deuce" GCH Heart and Soul of a Saint a NOLA's. An all black litter is due approx April 25th. Deuce is DNA Black only, which means he only produces black! 
We are SO excited about this litter!

Lola - New Champion out of Liam x Cali! 

Presenting.... CH Lakeridge Cadeau Devil Wears Prada "Lola" another Champion bred by Cadeau, Nola, and Lakeridge Standard Poodles!
Lola is out of our champion girl Cali CH Lakeridge le Cadeau du Muse a NOLA's & BGCH Brighton Undeniable on Fifth, CGC, RN 
Lola is owned by Debra Ferguson Jones of Lakeridge ; pictured with judge Marcie Dobkin & handler Justin Shook. Lola finished with four majors! Woot!


MIsha Wins! 

With the excitement of the upcoming puppies and all of the changes, I have neglected to give my little Misha her due! Lakeridge Cadeau Devil in a Blue Dress made her debut in the AKC show ring starting from the 6-9 month puppy bitch class. I sent her up to local handler Sherri Vidrine with teeth clenched and fingers crossed. Misha had not ever been to a dog show and had never met Sherri. As a testament to her temperament & trainability, as well as Sherri's talent, she took Reserve to the major her very first time in the ring, at a dog show, and meeting Sherri! Wow! She went on to win Winner's Bitch on Sat & Sun, taking home her first points on her first weekend out in Alexandria, LA.

At Misha's second show in Midland, TX, she won Best of Winners on Friday, Winner's Bitch on Sat, and Reserve winner's on Sunday, and in Navasota, TX, she took Best of Variety out of the 9-12 month puppy class, beating 2 finished champions for a total of 7 points in just a handful of times in the ring! Wow!
I am so pleased with her and proud. 
Misha will be showing at the Poodle Club of America National Specialty with handler Sherri Vidrine. I made the difficult decision of letting her stay with Sherri to condition for PCA. 

I have not left a poodle in the care of a handler since Camille went with Sarah Perchick, so this was tough for me, however, Sherri is local, and she has been a wonderful friend and mentor to both myself and my show puppy clients Nancy Laurent ("Tiffany's" mom) and Crystal Rublaitus ("Cartier's" mom). I trust Sherri with my special little show girl! Keep your fingers crossed for my little "bite kiss baby!" <3

Two Exciting Litters are Planned!! 

An All brown litter is due 4/20/17!

Saratoga Honeymoon in June at Cadeau "Juno" X AKC CH Magic Hour's Franchise Prodigy  "Roddenberry" 



An all black litter co-bred with Tabatha Waters of NOLA Standards due 4/24/17

CH Cadeau Goddess of the Dream de NOLA's "Tatiana" X GCH Heart and Soul of a Saint a NOLA's  "Deuce"



Cartier, Lola, & Tiffany Take the AKC Show Ring by Storm! 

Cartier's Facebook Page  

 Crystal & Cartier                                                                                                              Tiffany smiling after Owner handler Nancy wins 1st points!
Best standard poodle in the whole Sweeps, Reserve winners in the Specialty
 best of variety owner Handler
then they won the owner Handler best of breed beating toys, miniatures, and standards!

Alexis Shook and Lakeridge Cadeau Devil Wears Prada "Lola" won a five point major, BOB over specials and group 3, out of the puppy class

Armani's Outcome & Jacki's Retirement 

We have been winding down from the last 9 months, which were a whirlwind (to put it mildly). Whew. I've been gently nudged by some of our followers that my blog was getting a bit stale. Many apologies :) Drafting a blog requires me to be centered, focused, and balanced in thought - harder than it sounds! 

Being a caring breeder means that I keep my phone on 24/7- I answer texts, emails, and Facebook messages throughout the day. I admit, I have been slower than normal to respond as of late. I receive multiple voice mails as well each week and usually forward them on to my co breeders by now. I have emails weekly from qualified homes looking for older or retired poodles, and I have to say now, that I have neither puppies nor adults available at this time. 

2016 thus far has been bittersweet. Thankfully, all of the poodles at and from Cadeau thrive in good heath, trainability, and temperament. I am abundantly grateful.

Our sweet Champion, Jacki, has retired and now resides in Baton Rouge, LA with a wonderful lady. Many thanks to Betty Brown of Donnchada for trusting me with her. She proved herself to be an excellent foundation bitch, and 4 of her kids are showing great promise for the AKC show ring, including Clover.

I know many of you were anxiously awaiting news about Armani. In January 2016, I made the decision to have Armani neutered and gastropexied at LSU, as I do my dogs once they are retired from showing and breeding. Jacki was not far behind, since her 3rd and final litter were weaned and off and running. 

After Armani's 6 weeks of antibiotics and every supplement advised by my vet and breeders, I had his semen rechecked and was disappointed to learn that while it had reached the baseline 40% motility, the sample was not advisable for shipping and storing. My vet still discouraged me from neutering him, feeling that he would most certainly have excellent odds of impregnating a female for live breedings, but I opted to alter my boy for our collective mental well-being. He was tremendously stressed when the girls would come in season.

Armani's surgery in January went very well, thanks to the talented and dedicated staff at LSU Small Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. While there, he received the best of care from a young vet senior who was due to graduate at the end of the semester. Everyone loved Armani. A few months later, I received an email inquiry from the student's mother, asking about Armani and Jacki's potential retirements. Last month, I sent Jacki to her for a long weekend, and of course, they fell in love with one another. Jacki has been adjusting well to her new life as an only dog, doesn't give the cats an ounce of trouble, and is her new owner's constant companion. I am updated regularly, and I couldn't ask for more.

Armani is currently being courted by a lovely family. They are coming back from overseas soon and can't wait to try him out. You just can't know what the idea of placing my first champion does to my heart, but ultimately, I have the same goal for every one of my dogs - happy, healthy, and safe. I feel that Armani has so, so much to give. He is one of the most intelligent, expressive, affectionate creatures that I've had the pleasure of raising. He spent the day with his potential new mom at the Biloxi show, where  he easily walked around with her, responding well to her attention. Again, many thanks to Betty Brown of Donnchada for these excellent foundation poodles. Their value to me has been immeasurable. <3 

New Arrivals! Jacki x Bentley Pups Born 3/24/16 

     This is what happens when you co-own poodles with other breeders, but you are such a control freak about the dogs that you won't let the well-qualified co-owners or their assistants whelp and raise the litters (guilty)!
     Anyone who has ever raised even a small standard litter knows the incessant amount laundry, time, elbow grease, and vigilance, at least in the early days. Then there is the time spent answering emails, screening applicants, updating social media and patient puppy buyers, etc...While it is preferable for the girls to whelp unassisted, I am a stickler for being present at this time. As a midwOOf, my 'patients' at home can't tell me what's going on. I have to rely on instinct, experience, skills, book knowledge, other breeders, my vet, and my relationship with my dogs - to help us through the task smoothly. Most of the time, things go off without a hitch. To me, it is worth the work to trade for the worry I would feel sending my girls away to whelp. I'm lucky to have a fabulous support system which enables me to stay 'in the fancy' while working FT outside of the home as a labor and delivery RN.

That said, I realize it may seem as if I have puppies all of the time. It certainly feels that way to me! Please understand that these litters and their dams are often co-bred and co-owned with one or more other breeders, and I choose to be transparent in my breeding practices, realizing that this leaves me open to be judged by others. 
There is much happening 'behind the scenes.' There are usually 50 camera clicks and 18 outtakes to get that movement shot or capture the essence of a puppy expression. Our mentors most surely chastise us for posting any less than stellar pics of our dogs on social media. Admittedly, sometimes I just can't help myself and snicker softly when I post that bug-eyed or muddy-pawed photo. After all, these are dogs! They're poodles - magnificent, fun loving, quirky, noble, and silly at times! Every day is not the show ring, and we have to remember to enjoy our dogs first, lest we lose sight of the "WHY."

I thank everyone as always for their support and encouragement. Barring a few bumps in the road during the last 11 years of my poodle ownership, it has truly been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my adulthood. As I prepare to retire the foundation poodles of Cadeau, I thank you for bearing with me through this long-winded, nostalgic blog post to introduce Ms. Jacki's final litter with Bentley: This litter is co bred and co owned with Betty Brown (Donnchada), & Wendy Penn (By Request) & many thanks to Melissa Whitmore (Starlit Poodles + Bentley's keeper) for her accommodating demeanor and tireless driving!
CH Donnchada Power of the Dream X CH By Request Donnchada Jacqueline Pups Born 3/25/16 ; *8 puppies in all! 4 Blue/black M, 1 Cream M, 3 Blue/Black F

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  • Ann

    Ann River Ridge

    Hi! Congrats to you, and of course Comet. A great litter. Just enough to keep you busy. I can't wait to grade them. Ann

    Congrats to you, and of course Comet. A great litter. Just enough to keep you busy.
    I can't wait to grade them.