MIsha Wins!

With the excitement of the upcoming puppies and all of the changes, I have neglected to give my little Misha her due! Lakeridge Cadeau Devil in a Blue Dress made her debut in the AKC show ring starting from the 6-9 month puppy bitch class. I sent her up to local handler Sherri Vidrine with teeth clenched and fingers crossed. Misha had not ever been to a dog show and had never met Sherri. As a testament to her temperament & trainability, as well as Sherri's talent, she took Reserve to the major her very first time in the ring, at a dog show, and meeting Sherri! Wow! She went on to win Winner's Bitch on Sat & Sun, taking home her first points on her first weekend out in Alexandria, LA.

At Misha's second show in Midland, TX, she won Best of Winners on Friday, Winner's Bitch on Sat, and Reserve winner's on Sunday, and in Navasota, TX, she took Best of Variety out of the 9-12 month puppy class, beating 2 finished champions for a total of 7 points in just a handful of times in the ring! Wow!
I am so pleased with her and proud. 
Misha will be showing at the Poodle Club of America National Specialty with handler Sherri Vidrine. I made the difficult decision of letting her stay with Sherri to condition for PCA. 

I have not left a poodle in the care of a handler since Camille went with Sarah Perchick, so this was tough for me, however, Sherri is local, and she has been a wonderful friend and mentor to both myself and my show puppy clients Nancy Laurent ("Tiffany's" mom) and Crystal Rublaitus ("Cartier's" mom). I trust Sherri with my special little show girl! Keep your fingers crossed for my little "bite kiss baby!" <3

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