Cadeau Rite of Passage
GCH Magic Hour's Franchise Prodigy x Saratoga Honeymoon in June at Cadeau
DOB 11/10/2017

     You may find this hard to believe, but the consensus here at Cadeau is that we haven't a puppy this precious since Lil Bit or this sweet since Giselle. That's not to say we haven't had oodles of adorable poodle puppies, but every once in awhile, a pup comes along that is just special. Special might mean different things to different people. To me, it is the combination of temperament and structure that makes a puppy a winner in both the ring and in the home. That is always my goal! What makes Cocoa's temperament precious is the cutest mix of silly, happy, cuddly, curious, friendly, smart, and obedient. Have you got the idea? Cocoa is one of a two puppy litter out of my brown girl Juno and fellow poodle enthusiast Becky Godbey's lovely brown AKC grand champion, Roddenberry or Rottenberries as she calls him. I had the pleasure of spending time with Rod on multiple occasions, and I just loved his easy-going temperament. Juno comes with a little more energy, but she is super smart and has a lot to offer. I am so pleased with Cocoa and hope that she will be a healthy, winning, and colorful addition to Cadeau Poodles.

     Cocoa was owner handled as a pup at a couple of local shows and is now sitting out while she matures and grows the amount of hair needed to be competitive in the breed ring. We are enjoying other fun activities, such as barn hunt, while we wait!