CH. Olympia La Dame Aux Camelias
(MBIS Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets x Admiration Charmed, I'm Sure)

10/16/2012 - 10/2/2018

     When friend and artist Lucy Tyler of PA announced her litter of all white standard poodle puppies, I was very happy for her. When she started posting pics and videos of the little puppies, I could see promise in her gorgeous little face and agreed to bring her to New Orleans. I showed her once at 6 mos to break the ice, and she took reserve winners two out of the four days. She was shown again at 10 mos and took Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a 4 point major out of the Open class, still in puppy trim. At 20 months of age, I sent her to professional handler Sarah Perchick, and she was a finished champion just 14 calendar days later! She has a ton of confidence, a great dose of naughty, and a beautiful, sweet temperament. She is sensitive to me, often being one of the first poodles to see about me when I am feeling down in the dumps. She is always ready for play time, very bright and smart, and is a problem solver. I just love this pretty girl! She quickly became a favorite with my children and is well-loved by all of the dogs. Camille is very outdoorsy and never turns down a trip to the park or a run along the Mississippi River.

Camille is retired after surviving a scary canine GDV/Bloat/Torsion occurrence on 8/7/18. She is helping to raise awareness of the "boogeyman" as the face of a viral Facebook video on symptoms of bloat/torsion.

*On 10/2/18 we lost our wonderful girl to very sudden and aggressive liver failure. She was being worked up for pancreatitis while waiting for her blood work to come back. Her liver levels were over 3000 when normal is 18-135. Camille went jaundiced from head to tail and was quickly taken back to our vet clinic for hospitalization, where she passed away early in the morning. Our hearts are broken. We are awaiting results of necropsy to determine what took her so swiftly.*


Camille has passed the following health screens:

  • CERF 2013, 2015, 2017 Normal
  • Neonatal Encephalopathy - Clear
  • Von Willebrand's Bleeding Disorder - Clear 
  • OFA Thyroid Panel 2015, 2017 - Normal
  • OFA Hips -Good
  • OFA Sebaceous Adenitis 2015 - Normal
  • VGL Certificate Available 

Link to Camille's OFA Page