Cadeau Poodles 
Breeding Philosophy


2 standard poodle puppies at 7 weeks

Poodle puppies are naturally inquisitive!

Reputable breeders want to produce the best, healthiest, and happiest offspring possible.

I often hear this:

"I'm not interested in a show puppy. I only want a pet. Why should I be worried about the dog's 'pedigree'?'"

Buying a puppy with multiple champions or obedience/hunting/agility titles in its pedigree means that your dog is structured to do what it was bred to do. It's not normal for a dog bred to hunt and be athletic to have hip dysplasia, or a water retriever to have a poor coat or worse yet - be terrified of water or untrainable.

American Kennel Club (AKC) conformation judges evaluate purebred dogs on how closely they adhere to the written breed standard, in the judge's opinion. The poodle breed standard is the same for all three varieties (toy, mini, standard). The only difference is size. Poodles are measured in height by inches at the withers. There are only three varieties of poodle recognized in the USA by the AKC and the Poodle Club of America (PCA). Many poodle fans are not aware that PCA is responsible for writing and maintaining the breed standard - NOT the AKC. Poodles are a member of the non-sporting group as they are largely companion animals today, although many are still actively used in the field as hunting and service dogs.

Poodles in the AKC conformation ring are evaluated on appearance, temperament, and movement.

Canine structure and movement tells is if the dog is "sound." Temperament refers to the dog's ability to accept strangers and situations, including other dogs. Appearance or "outline" is the picture of the dog. Does it look like a poodle is supposed to?

We at Cadeau believe that temperament is bred first and nurtured second. "Carriage" as you may hear in reference to Poodles, refers to how proudly the dog carries itself, (head and tail held high) and Poodles should have "an air of dignity."

An 'Air of Dignity'














Hunting, obedience, and agility titles prove a dog can follow commands correctly and be trusted off leash to do its job, even in the face of distractions like other animals and people nearby. They also display a dog's athleticism as all of these events require jumping and physical fitness. Poodles are known for their athleticism and trainability!


Derbigny, a 6 week old standard poodle puppy, investigating the agility tunnel

Early introduction to stimulating toys nurtures confidence.



By supporting breeders who in turn support AKC events, you are helping to preserve the attributes by which we should recognize these breeds.

These breeders set themselves apart from backyard breeders and puppy mills by doing the following:

  •  Performing health and genetic testing on breeding parents
  •  Socializing and raising puppies and adults so that they become less reactive and afraid of            situations, places, people, and other animals
  •  Working dogs throughout their lives in training and other events
  •  Standing behind their puppies in the event of a genetic mishap
  •   Being a resource for their puppy buyers 
  • Knowing and breeding to the AKC breed standard put forth by the Poodle Club Of America (PCA)


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I sincerely believe that dogs should not be bred haphazardly. I would love for standard poodles to be recognized and appreciated for the amazing dogs that they are. They take a lot of flack for their fru-fru hair, but don’t be fooled. This is a hunting dog. Poodles retrieve and love a romp with their humans. They are willing to please and able to learn whatever you teach them, if the right training practices are employed. They are non-shedding, unlike their “designer” counterparts. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a lot of work. They need exercise, shelter, love, regular grooming, vaccinations, chew toys and a lot of dog food!

It doesn’t pay to take shortcuts in breeding. Bad practices come back to bite everyone involved.

Breeding Practice

Poodles range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. I consider my puppies affordable, considering what I put into the breeding parents and health screening, not to mention the time, care, and training involved in each and every dog. I do not disappear after the sale. Once you take one of my puppies home, you are considered family.

Health screening is not foolproof, but it is much less risky than just putting 2 dogs together not knowing where they came from or what’s behind their breeding. I carefully health test each of my dogs to minimize the risk of future health problems. 
In addition to being screened for health problems, chosen Poodles are finished or finishable as AKC Champions, and AKC Champions make up the majority of their pedigrees. Successful conformation show dogs (champions) have to be more than beautiful. They have to be bombproof and able to handle large spaces with many different shapes sizes, smells, dogs, and people. They need to be relaxed while having a complete stranger feel them from head to toe. They need to be adaptable to hours of traveling and grooming. Showing is not for the faint of heart!

While I realize that the majority of my puppies sold go to “pet” homes, I still breed for correct conformation (structure). This allows the dog to do what it was bred to do and is very important.
Breeding for conformation is one way to preserve the attributes that makes certain breeds of dog so distinguishable. I encourage every puppy owner, whether interested in showing or not, to at least attend a dog show, or obedience trial, or agility trial, or any other AKC event and meet the breed!

I know some of the most wonderful people in this breed and if I don’t have what you are looking for, email me anyway and I can help you find it.
I deal with honest and ethical people who sincerely care for the well-being of the animals they breed.

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