10-26-10 Xray Confirmed 6 Puppies - Maybe 7!

Comet's temperature decided to drop a bit yesterday and she started to tremble, so I put in a call to my favorite veterinarian, Dr. Diggs of Causeway Animal Hospital in Metairie, LA. Even though I was not alarmed, I was a little concerned because we had not yet had an Xray to determine a puppy count. We felt this was important so that in the event of delivery, we would have a realistic idea of how many to expect and know when it was ok to relax. Dr. Diggs and I had fun counting little puppy skulls. We came up with 6, maybe 7! Also, looking back to her ovulation date, which was 4 days prior to her breeding date of Sept 1st, we concluded that she was actually due this Sat., Oct 30th. So, Comet is my new shadow! Stay tuned for more updates. I know the future owners of these puppies are starting to get very excited now!!

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