Armani is a Grand Champion!

 I am so excited! Armani is a Grand Champion with AKC now - all finished well before his 2nd birthday. Now he is home and enjoying life as a pampered boy. I finally "cut him down," or shaved off his show coat. It was harder than I thought it would be!

After hurricane Isaac slowed us down, I showed him sparingly at the end of the Summer and picked up a few more points. Finally I let him go with Betty to finish up the last 3 singles he needed. We had his heart, thyroid, and hips done as well as Jacki's heart and thyroid - all of his are normal and good so far (Yay!). Jacki's heart is great and we are waiting on her thyroid test to come back.

So, the next step is to finish Jacki's championship, hopefully in the next year or so, as she is slow to grow hair. Her testing will be complete soon and she will be ready to be a mom.

Cali has been on the road with her co owner, Tabatha of NOLA Standards and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get some points. Cali is lovely. She wins a lot of reserve winners ribbons. She has tons of hair, but is a bit small and still pretty immature. Most poodles her age would be sitting out of the show ring, but Tabatha says she enjoys her ring time with Cali since I have the privilege of having Cali with me so often. Of course, we miss her when she is gone, but it is like she never left when she returns. 

And of course my Comet is an ever-present wonderful fixture in my life. I just love these dogs.
Poodles are so much fun :) 
Cutting him down was harder than I thought it would be!
AKC Grand Champion Donnchada Sweet Talk - Comet is Quite the Pampered Poodle. She Even Shares her Sought after Bed Spot Sometimes.
Jacki & Comet Playing Fetch in the Big, Nearby Park

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