Back from Our Texas Adventures! Part Three...After the Show

 Time flies at the dog show. When we help Betty, I have to remind myself that there are other varieties besides Standards to get ready. Betty shows Minis and Toys as well as Standard poodles, so she remains busy! I enjoy walking the dogs and loving on them and brushing them. Going into the ring is not my forte'! I do it when I have to and when she makes me, but I'd just as soon hold a dog ringside - much less pressure!
After the dogs are done showing comes the daunting task of taking their topknots down, gently breaking the hairspray down out of their coats, and re-banding them to protect the hair until it can be washed properly. Maintaining poodle show coat is no small feat. Every care must be taken to prevent breakage, from getting wet to getting tangled in leashes and bands or getting chewed...
Anyway, I did remember to take a few photos of the standards. Here is Bentley (Armani's brother who is owned by Betty Brown and Melissa Whitmore) in his show lead by Becky Godbey of Magic Hour Creations:
Here is Donnchada Sweet Ride

We also got some video footage of the mini puppies and some good photos since Melissa is forever looking for show homes for her pretty miniature poodles (one day I may cross over, but not yet! There is NO breed like the standard poodle!)
After the show, we headed back to Melissa's in West Monroe for more poodling. I decided to spend the night on Sunday in order to see my Margot on Monday. Her new home is just around the corner from Melissa's, so they brought her over for a bath and a trim. Since they like her fuzzy, I respected their wishes, but boy was it tough to not take a 40 blade to her beautiful face so I could see it! Margot seemed happy and well-adjusted. She has been in her new home now since the beginning of August. It brought me joy to see her look out the window as her new mom Lindsey left her with me. She also perked up at the activity across the street at Lindsey's parents' house. Margot has found her home. I received so many compliments on what a sweet girl she is. I can't take all of the credit, but I can surely take some of it! After some grooming and a car ride with Margot and Melissa, I decided to head home for the 4.5 hour trip. 

On the way home, I delivered "Bandit," a 5 month old mini poodle, to his new family in New Orleans. It is so quiet around here with Giselle and Armani gone. Admittedly, Comet, Lily, and I are catching up on some much needed sleep time! I can't wait to get Giselle back next week, though, and Armani will come home soon - a Champion. Til next time...!

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