Canine Good Citizen and Rally

  Comet- My 6yr old black AKC Standard Poodle -Canine Good Citizen (CGC) & Rally Novice (RN) to be!Comet and I went to some intermediate obedience classes tonight. Canine Good Citizen tests are forthcoming in August at our Kenner show! 

So- at the class, I was very pleased with her performance. She remained very focused on me in the face of kids playing baseball, ill-behaved dogs, people, etc. The instructor introduced us to an AKC event called Rally. Since she had a handle on heel and sit, all that was left was for us to complete the obstacle course. She remained on leash and it wasn't strict like obedience trials. I could talk to and praise her, and use words (although she responds extremely well to hand signals without words). The heel doesn't have to be perfect either. The instructor said you can start with a title in Rally called an RN for rally novice. Well, I'm a RN (registered nurse), so she can be one too!

Although Comet is finished breeding and showing now and my other 2 girls are in conformation and just getting started, she has a great time on outings, loves attentions and performing, and is just a pleasure to have around. I get so many compliments when I take her out "She is beautiful; She listens so well; She is so calm; She is so under control; What a nice dog; I love her wagging tail,etc" The list goes on and on. She is not perfect, but she is about as close to perfection in a pet that anyone could ever want, and taking her out and letting others see her demeanor really does her breed well. She is a wonderful representative, and I am exceedingly proud of her. 

I would encourage anyone reading this with any breed of dog to further their training. There were dogs in my class tonight that were extremely ill-mannered. You could see how embarrassed their poor owners were. I am always encouraging as others have encouraged me. Even though you might want to pack it up and go home before it starts, as one lady told me, you need to resist the urge to keep your dog locked away. The more new situations, the less reactive they become. Always be forthcoming to your instructor if you are having problems and pay attention to your dog!! Don't stand there and gab with another person while your dog gives signals they are about to attack... 

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