Done in Hattiesburg - Off to TX for more shows/ Puppy Socialization Class/Do you want a puppy?

 Whew! What a weekend! It's nice to be home as I am sure Comet would agree. Hattiesburg, MS dog show this past weekend had a huge entry for standard poodles. Some of the top handlers in the country were there so there were many lovely standards to watch. Kay Palade and her large white male Thomas went Best in Show while we were there. He really was a handsome boy.
I let my friend take Margot and they are headed to meet Betty Brown in TX this week. Once there, Margot will show in San Antonio, TX and Houston, TX. After that, THE BIG poodle show - Poodle Club of America AKA PCA takes place in Salisbury, Maryland at the end of April. It is quite an event! I have not yet decided whether to enter Margot there. She will be turning 1 year old next month and probably doesn't have enough hair and ring maturity to be competitive...
In other news, Giselle and her lovely littermates are now 4 months old and just growing like pine trees. We have started a puppy socialization and (very) beginner obedience class and 2 of her littermates (Daphne and Derbigny) have joined us. I can't tell you excited I am to see my babies as they grow and mature with their new owners. I wish my boys could come, but all three of my males from that litter are out-of-towners now. 
We are looking for something fun for Comet to do with herself. I highly doubt I will breed her again as she turns 6 years next month also and while not terribly old to have another litter, it is pushing the envelope just a bit - something I do not like to do with my dogs at all! She is still as spirited and energetic as ever, jumping and running like a maniac when it suits her but she is also very mature now and quite a presence. I am thinking maybe some light agility for fun and possibly therapy work. We don't have tons of resources for either one of these in New Orleans, so I will need to do some legwork. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a precious standard poodle puppy, NOLA standards is the place in New Orleans, and Luminary Standard Poodles in VA (Dino's home) also has puppies sired by Dino (Giselle's sire) and Griffin (Comet's sire) and I bet they are just going to be heartstoppers. Good luck!

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