Four shows for Giselle !

 I spent all day yesterday taking Giselle to her handler, Betty Brown. She will be showing the next  few weekends until she turns one year old on Oct 30, 2011. Wow! Time sure flies. It was hard to turn her over to Betty after all I have done for Giselle. I whelped her, reared her, trained her, and have been grooming her every day in an effort to grow her magnificent coat. It is no easy task showing dogs in AKC conformation, even if you do pay a handler... I would love to owner-handle Giselle as much as possible, but Betty goes to shows every weekend for a living and can really get her seen and noticed. Once she gets a little show training with Betty, she will come home again, and I have plans to owner handle her while we are growing coat! I hope it all works out. If all goes well, Giselle and I will be at PCA (Poodle Club of America National Specialty) in April 2012. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, with her gone, I can focus on Armani, who is quite the character. He is such a nice little dog with tons of personality and a clever way about him. He is oh-so handsome and flirty. He has discovered the joys of jumping and now does it whenever he can. He is growing like crazy and so is his coat... We have our work cut out for us!

Comet has been spayed as of 2 weeks ago and my forever cuddle buddy. She is now retired and living the good life, sleeping in bed, etc. She has done well for me and continues to be the most fantastic poodle I know, now almost 7 years old, never had a vet bill or a disagreement with her. She is just awesome. I am hoping with all of my might that Giselle will follow in her pawprints and be as amazing as her mother. It's a wonderful poodle life.

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