Holey Moley, a Cool Front!

 Yeah! 63 degrees is considered "brisk Fall weather" here in New Orleans. Oh , we just adore it. Due to the hateful heat of Summer, I relaxed my indoor rules about dogs on the furniture. After all, it IS great exercise for them to spring on and off the bed and jump over ottomans, isn't it? Now that my kids are out of the crawling and toddling stages, we get to rough house a bit more. I know, I probably shouldn't let them, but it's pretty entertaining.

A little bit about our Summer: After the Lagniappe classic, we came face to face with the first real threatening hurricane we've had here since Gustave in 2008. So, that meant evacuation 
 All poodling aside, I am in the healthcare profession and had to stay in town to work on the disaster team. Thankfully, my friends and family rallied to get the poodles and my kids safely out of harm's way, and I just happened to encourage their evacuation in the direction of West Monroe, LA, where Armani & Jacki just happened to be entered in a dog show. Well, the good news is that the dogs were able to make it to the show where my fab handler Betty Brown and good friend Melissa Whitmore (Starlit Poodles) were waiting with open arms to continue my grooming regiment.
The bad news is that with the 2 extra dogs and 1 less helper (me), Armani did not get into the ring and did not earn his final points towards his Grand Championship, so as of now, he needs about 5 points. 

Really, I am just happy that we came out of the hurricane with very little damage to our home, poodles no worse for the wear, and Armani did get one point on the last day, when I was finally able to be relieved from my work duties and head up to West Monroe to get the dogs. Since we were still out of power, I took the kids and Comet back up with me. We stopped on the way and had some play time, and the kids just loved hanging out with Melissa's older kids and her husband. i could not have been happier!
Road Trips are Always More Fun with a Little Detour for Play!After a Long Day at the Dog Show, Kids & Comet Enjoy the Most Peaceful of Slumber

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