Margot Goes to Dallas!

 Margot has been placed in what I pray is a "forever" home. It is common practice for responsible breeders to place their dogs in forever homes as pets, once they are "retired" from breeding or showing. The types of homes vary according to the needs of the individual dogs. 

Margot went to Dallas today on her latest adventure to her new forever home. It absolutely broke my heart. She has been a special girl from day 1, but I knew I had to place her. I was very choosy about where she ended up and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I still have Giselle to place and will be equally choosy. One can never place out of desperation. It takes patience and I have found the adult dogs to be a specific challenge. Puppies are easy breezy to sell. Adults, while the demand is high, are a different story. Although adopting an adult standard costs a fraction of what a puppy sells for, I do still ask for an adoption fee as a donation to the Creole Poodle Rescue.

Folks in dog rescue have seen and heard it all. They have the toughest of skin and the biggest of hearts. They do the unimaginable in the name of saving a life. Please support rescue. Even the smallest donation will help a person to help an animal in need. 

I received the following letter from Margot's new owner today after she was settled in somewhat: " We are just in love with her. I have seen no signs of stress. She just meshed right in. The dogs love her and my grandbaby just rubs and kisses her. She has found the toys basket and has been playing with Carlos for the last hour. She is such a blessing. We can't thank you enough!"
Margot on the day she arrived at her new home in Dallas, TX.Margot (floor) and her new housemate Carlos

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