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 Yesterday was a very productive day! I picked up 3 of the Simon x Peaches puppies, loaded up Giselle, and headed to Texas! My good friend and poodling buddy accompanied me for what turned out to be a very long day for all of us. Leslie still has 2 show puppies and 2 pet puppies available. They are about 10 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. Whether someone gets a pet or show puppy, they will be getting a beautiful puppy! I accidentally deleted the photo I took of us at the rest stop, but it is on my facebook page "Cadeau Poodles" on my personal profile. I hope to get a few pics of them next week. I would also like to mention that despite the LONG ride, the stops, the heat, etc, the Simon x Peaches babies never put their tails down! They were fearless, inquisitive, and ready for adventure. They followed us around with heads and tails high and were neither shy nor afraid - marks of very well-socialized and confident puppies. Great job, Leslie!

I decided to send Giselle with Betty for one week and get her prelimiary OFA hip xrays before we started getting into her show career. These are not a substitute for the OFA xrays done at 2 years, but they can tell us how the pup's hips are rated now and alert me to any potential problems. I am not expecting any problems, but it's never a bad idea before you dump thousands of dollars into showing a dog to rule out the bad! SO, I had to leave my little darling, Giselle and will pick her up next week. This is the hardest part of showing a dog - leaving them with the handler - Thank goodness my handler is top notch and treats my dogs like her own...My 8 mo. old standard poodle puppy, Giselle, quietly road-tripping. She has always been a great traveler.

Also, I got to visit my wonderful Margot. Margot was her usual happy self and was bouncing off the walls with excitement to see us! She looked beautiful and happy and although I wanted to throw her in the back of my vehicle and peel out of there with her, I decided to be patient and let her finish her job of becoming a champion. I cannot wait to take her home again!
Margot could hardly keep still - Here she is, playing. Her coat is

And last but not least, I was made an offer that I could not refuse! Meet our newest addition - he will be a very exciting addition to Cadeau - now he just needs a name...Donnchada Sweet Dreams

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