Please suggest collars for Giselle and Margot from

In an effort to support a friend and get my girls some very classy coat-protecting collars, I am linking to Olga Esman's website and am asking visitors of my blog to make a suggestion on a collar for my girls.
Giselle is a black puppy just beginning her show career - some of the choices I like are elegant zebra, classy sassy, and platinum jazz.
New Orleans is no climate for snow suits, but Olga offers those as well for harsher wintry climates, and maybe I will look into raincoats for the girls. It sure beats having to re-groom after a heavy rain or muddy play time outdoors.
Olga also offers the bracelet protectors which come in handy quite a bit as well and splash guard for your male dogs! Gotta love it!!

Olga has some magical standard poodles and supports causes such as Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is a friend to Cadeau and you can also see her on Facebook. Thanks for looking and please do not hesitate to suggest any collar! I will consider all voters' suggestions! You can also vote on our facebook page - just post on Cadeau Poodles' Wall.

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