Puppies at the End of the Year!

I am starting to get excited! Cali is almost now fully tested as is Jacki, and both girls are planning for motherhood at the end of the year. Jacki will be headed to TX with Betty Brown to finish her AKC championship this Summer and the plan is to breed her to our own Armani, GCH Donnchada Sweet Talk, when she returns. Puppies should be either black or white and we are expecting some beautiful results. I have taken a couple of reservations for this litter.

I have been receiving 3-5 calls/emails weekly for puppies since my website's inception in 2010. Nine times out of ten, I refer these inquiries to other breeders whom I trust will sell a quality puppy with a health guarantee. I generally don't spend a lot of time in correspondence, simply because most people would prefer to go directly to the source with their questions.

But, since I am planning puppies for the end of the year, I decided to post here and on our Facebook page (Cadeau Poodles), a price explanation. One of the first questions I usually get asked is "How much?" or "Why so much?" Most people have no inkling what goes into a well bred litter of standard poodles, so here's the best explanation I can give:
The last litter I had I sold my pets (spay/neuter contract) for $1500. I understand this is the lower end and I probably should have asked a little more, but they all got exceptional homes.
In the future, I will probably ask $1800-$2000.
     Please keep in mind that it is very expensive to breed a high quality litter of standard poodles. If the breeder does not own the male, there is the stud fee to consider. A champion male of any decent quality will usually cost at minimum $1500 to breed to. Some cost over $2500. Many of those breeders will not allow live breeding to their valued stud for fear of introducing infection which can lead to sterility. I had semen shipped from the stud of my choice and had a reproductive specialist perform artificial insemination. It was about $850 for the AI (including multiple trips to and from the vet for progesterone testing to time ovulation), and about $250-$300 for the collection and shipping. It might sound insane but at the time, there really wasn't much to choose from by way of studs in New Orleans.
As far as choosing the stud, it depends on the breeder's goals for the next litter. If they use their own  male, then they are responsible for titling and testing. To finish a standard poodle to championship in AKC, you are getting off cheap if you spend less than $6-7k - that's only one of many titles.
      Then there is health testing! Responsible breeders usually will X-ray hips, test eyes with opthamologist, do a skin punch for SA, thyroid panel blood work, ausculation at minimum by an OFA cardiologist, and a handful of other DNA tests to ensure there are no deadly gene combinations.
     Unfortunately, standards are plagued with an array of health problems, many of which can easily be avoided by proper health testing, but some that are a little more tricky. There are certain diseases that can crop up and be very costly to maintain. Responsible breeders will give some sort of health guarantee, even though they cannot control the health of puppies, in the form of a replacement puppy or a refund or assistance with vet care in the  very unfortunate and unpredictable instance your puppy has a problem.
     Additionally, a good breeder does not disappear after the sale. We care where they go forever. We do not want you to breed your poodle without our consent or blessing. We want to know of the health and temperament of the puppies and we want to have a relationship, at least for the beginning, so we can advise vaccine protocol and grooming or behavior tips. Poodles are vaccine sensitive and over vaccinating can be deadly for them.
    I know you asked a simple question, but I feel like it deserves a little explanation, so at least if you have questions along your poodle search you will understand why there is a price difference from one breeder to another.
     We can tell you about dogs generations back in your pedigree.
 Responsible breeders are committed to the poodle breed, and will always put health, temperament, and correct structure above else. 


Maria Salpietra


  • Jane Cox

    Jane Cox Baton Rouge, La

    The puppies that you are expecting in January 2015, is George the daddy?

    The puppies that you are expecting in January 2015, is George the daddy?

  • Cadeau Standard Poodles

    Cadeau Standard Poodles

    Hi Jane - The sire is a dog named Brees. He belongs to Tabatha Waters of NOLA Standards. You can see more info on Brees at www.nolastandards.com/brees

    Hi Jane - The sire is a dog named Brees. He belongs to Tabatha Waters of NOLA Standards. You can see more info on Brees at www.nolastandards.com/brees

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