Puppies Vet Checked Yesterday, 1st shots & Worm today at 6 weeks

 I had all of the puppies and Comet examined yesterday morning by Dr. Jay Newbill of St. Bernard Veterinary Hospital in Chalmette. He checked eyes, ears, hearts, teeth, joints, weights, etc for all 6 puppies & Comet and everyone is great! Not a surprise but I like to have the puppies checked by a professional trained to uncover those little things which I as a breeder would want to know about. I also took all the puppies home and wormed them and they will receive their 1st 5- way shots today! I also took them outside to play twice today since the weather was mild and am happy to report that all puppies pooped outside on both occasions! They really had a fabulous time running amuck in the backyard. Check the puppies page under photos for some shots of that.

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