Summer Blues & August Show

 Man, but it's HOT! My poor poodles can hardly run and play in this heat. We do have treadmill, thankfully! Lately it has been raining pretty steadily. Heat & rain make for indoor play days in New Orleans, but when I look at what other areas are going through (droughts, excessively high temps and fires!) I still count us lucky. This is the peak of hurricane season and I am one who feels high anxiety at high temps because of what happens in the Gulf of Mexico as a result. Every hurricane season that passes and we do not have to evacuate for makes me do a little victory dance. As much as I complain about aspects of this city, I could not imagine being away from New Orleans (maybe I'll grow out of that).

This city is fun, exciting, unique, and mystical. We have amazing food, fun attractions and a wild nightlife. There is that Southern comraderie which takes many visitors aback such as being addressed by a complete stranger to discuss any or everything in the grocery store checkout line. Overall the people of my city are kind, generous, talkative, and happy and we welcome visits from out of towners!
So, having said all of that, I'd like to let you know about our upcoming dog show in Kenner, LA. Kenner is the city where the New Orleans airport is located. It offers shopping malls and New Orleans cuisine, and it's just a short interstate ride from some more famous attractions, such as the French Quarter. 

If you've ever considered visiting, this would be a great time! Our dog show usually has a nice turnout and there are always lots of poodles. The show is called the Lagniappe Classic. "Lagniappe" means "a little something extra" and there will be lots of lagniappe with a canine good citizen test, microchip clinic, grooming seminar & reproductive seminar by my personal favorite veterinarian, Dr. Treyton Diggs from Causeway Animal Hospital. The Creole Poodle Club will also hold its annual Poodle Specialty on Wed August 1st in the same building. Poodles, poodles, poodles!

Louisiana Kennel Club / Metairie Kennel Club Lagniappe Classic

I'm getting my guys ready, trying to stay on stop of these coats -scissoring, clippering, brushing as often as I dare. Betty Brown is coming to show Armani & Jacki here in my hometown. Armani is a finished champion so he will be competing in the Best of Breed/Variety class for a place in the group ring and Jacki will be hitting the show ring as a mature young girl in decent coat. I hope to walk away with many more points towards Armani's Grand Championship & Jacki's Championship. Is it too much to hope?? I don't think so!
Here is a pic of Jacki from our recent trip to Leslie's (Audrey's Grooming in Baton Rouge, LA). Leslie has been a great friend to me. She is an awesome groomer and really saves the day when I take off too much hair here or there. I can't always get to Betty's but Leslie is much closer and almost always makes a little time for me. She has standard poodles as well as French Bulldogs.

Jacki on the grooming table at Audrey's Grooming in Baton Rouge, LA - groomed by Leslie Denson

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