Zydeco gets a Makeover for Barkus Parade in New Orleans! (Feb 2015)

This past weekend Color my pup geared up for 2015's dog parade Barkus here in New Orleans. Zydeco was in a full fluffy gorgeous cut and we decided to go completely extreme on her, after all she IS going through a coat change. We shaved away her full coat, gave her a mowhawk, kept fluffy poms and added some color to her new hair style. She sat on the table and even fell asleep standing up while being put in color. Once fully colored, bathed and dried we packed up with all our colored babies and hit the road to head to the parade. I have to admit we were a bit nervous on how she would act since there would be thousands of dogs, noises she has never heard and tons of unfamiliar people. To our surprise Zydeco did SO well she got way more attention than we thought she would. She had hundreds of pictures taken of her (and has even learned how to strike a pose) , kids loved on her, dogs sniffed her, loud noises were all over and she just took it all in tail wagging the entire time. What a great first color outing for Big Z!!!!! She will be showing off her color at quite a few more parades and changing her style as often as possible. Be on the look out for her if you live in New Orleans and make sure to stop us to get a hug from her (yes, she gives hugs!) and meet her rad sister Zuka too!
Thank you Cadeau poodles for our amazing fur legged child!!!


Left to Right: Zuka, Margo, Ace & Cadeau puppy Zydeco at Barkus

Zydeco's Transformation!

Zydeco- a Jacki x Armani pup - looking colorful for Barkus Parade in New Orleans!

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